How to Export Outlook Emails to Excel

  • Export manually

  • Access your Outlook account

  • Click on ‘File’

  • Click on ‘Open and Export’

  • Click on ‘Import/Export.’

  • Select ‘Export to a file\' and then click on ‘Next’.

  • Select the option ‘Comma Separated Values’.

  • Open your inbox and locate the email you want to export

  • Select it and click on next

  • Click on ‘Browse’

  • Name your file and click on ‘OK’.

  • Select a folder to save your file and click on ‘Next’.

  • Click on ‘Finish’.

  • Export automatically

  • Create a free Mailparser account at

  • Click on "Create your first inbox"

  • Type a name for your inbox and save.

  • Your inbox will have an email address. Save it

  • Test your inbox by forwarding a couple of emails to its address.

  • On your Mailparser account, click "Select Inbox"

  • Find the emails you sent

  • Create parsing rules to extract data by clicking on "Create a Parsing Rule" or "Try automatic setup"

  • Then go to Downloads and click on "Create first download link"

  • Select the emails you want to export data from and click "save"

  • Mailparser will generate a download link with the Excel files

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