Your Biz on Linked In

  • Getting Started

  • Before you go out and set up a Linked In profile, first determine if you should be there.  Are your customers on this platform?  If they are, create an account.

  • So, now you have an account, make a commitment to SHOW UP on Linked In.  The worst thing you can do for your business is be on a Social Media platform and fail to show up!

  • Complete these critical steps to set up your Business Page

  • Add your profile picture.  This should be a good picture of YOU.  It should be a good resolution, warm smile, welcoming.  Do not put our logo here.  People want to hear from people on Social Media, not businesses.

  • Add your banner picture.  This is your area to create a "Billboard" for your business.  Make sure when people are connecting with you on Linked In, they know what you are about and WHY they want to have you as a connection.

  • Create your Headline.  This should be short summary of what your expertise is.

  • Fill in the information for your Current Position, Education, Region, Locations and Industry.

  • Complete your contact information.

  • Write a 2 -3 sentence summary about you and your experience.

  • Fill out the Experience, Education and other segments.

  • Reach out to your former boss and coworkers for a recommendation.

  • Fill out your accomplishments and interests.

  • Show Up -  Follow these easy steps to stay consistent

  • Schedule your posts.  I use PreBuilt Marketing.  It creates my content, schedules my post and analyzes the results.  Here is a FREE 7 day trial if you want to check it out:   

  • Add to your posts through out the month as life happens.  When you are at an event or if you see an interesting article, just share it.  

  • Get Social - it is Social Media after all, so put the social back into Social Media and connect with your customers.  Message with them and interact as they like or comment on your page.  

  • HAVE FUN!!!

This checklist was created by melissablettner

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