TSA Checklist

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  • Liquids, gels and aerosols for carry-on must be in a container no more than 3.4 oz, and all containers stored inside of a 1-quart-sized ziplock baggie (only 1 baggie/person)

  • Check the list of prohibited items for both carry-on and checked bags (https://goo.gl/fFwbPJ)

  • If you choose to use a bag lock, be sure that it is a TSA-recognized style

  • Tape a card with your name and contact information on all electronics

  • It\'s most efficient for security check, should they need to look through your bag, if you pack your items in layers

  • Firearms ARE allowed, but only in checked bags and must be "unloaded," placed in "lock," and inside a hard container. Also, you MUST declare the firearm to airlines prior

  • Pack large electronics like laptops and iPads accessible and/or at the top of your carry-on, to make check-in screening more efficient

  • Keep your ziplock baggie with liquids accessible in your carry as well, since you will need to remove it during security screening

  • If you will travel with your pet, you must bring a leash to remove the animal from its carrier, so that the carrier can be separately screened

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