40 Things to do When You're Bored

40 Things to do When You're Bored 40 Things to do When You're Bored
  • Listen to a podcast

  • Find a new recipe and good or bake something fun

  • Start a new book

  • Journal

  • Make a new playlist

  • Learn a new language

  • Start a blog

  • Plan a trip (even if it\'s just a weekend away)

  • Find some inspiring pin on Pinterest (DIY, decor, organize, etc)

  • Try a new workout

  • Hjh

  • Sign up for an online class to learn something new

  • Deep clean your home

  • Make a short film or documentary

  • Organize your home

  • Clean out and organize your closet

  • Learn a new investment strategy

  • Call or meet up with a friend you haven\'t seen for awhile

  • Start and finish a puzzle

  • Write a letter to someone

  • Paint something

  • Create a signature cocktail

  • Make a list of everything y

  • Color in a coloring book

  • Make a list of movie you want to watch and watch them

  • Start a herb or vegetable garden

  • Host a movie night (inside or outside)

  • Take a virtual trip

  • Have a self-care day

  • Plant some flowers in your yard/garden

  • Plan and host a tea or dinner party

  • Learn how to make money online doing something you enjoy

  • Meditate

  • Learn a new dance

  • Learn some start charts and practice looking for start and constellations in the night sky

  • Detail your car

  • Practice a new hairstyle

  • Visit a local business

  • Clean out your email

  • Play with your dog at the park

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