Daily Influencer Checklist for Your Intern

Daily Influencer Checklist Daily Influencer Checklist

  • Help with responding to comments on most recent posts across all social media profiles and blog (especially VIPs)

  • Leave at least five (5) to ten (10) thoughtful comments on other Instagram profiles, other blogs, and Facebook posts

  • Help with responding to DM\'s (or as many as you can)

  • Help with responding to questions on recent and past Instagram or Facebook post

  • Comment on at least three (3) to seven (7) trending posts

  • Comment on at least three (3) to seven (7) post with relevant hashtags to the brand

  • Spend a few minutes a day repining images on Pinterest


  • Help with creating and editing blog posts

  • Update one old blog posts, check for outdated and broken (affiliate) links (Goal should be two to four blog posts a month)

  • Take and help with editing photos

  • Help with creating pinable images for Pinterest

  • Publish posts to Instagram (Instagram should automatically link to Facebook) https://www.checkli.com/checklists/viewro/603d087e0a0be


  • Help with responding to emails

  • Help with brand promotions

  • Help with pitching to potential brand

  • Send out marketing emails and campaigns

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