Freelancer Blog Post Checklist

Freelancer Blog Post Checklist Freelancer Blog Post Checklist
  • Select an approved keyword from list of approved keywords

  • Create a new draft in WordPress

  • Create a friendly and engaging title with the target keyword

  • Add 1-2 intro paragraphs and include the keyword one time. First sentence or two is best and highlight keyword

  • Follow style guide outline for blog post

  • Follow correct tone when writing articles (company/brand guidelines)

  • Add multiple H2 and H3 tags with captive headings followed by a few paragraphs of text

  • Use the target keyword, variations and synonyms 2-3 times throughout the body of text

  • Use bullet points (in two sections)

  • Extra content to meet word count

    See description
  • Add 3-5 optimized images (follow guidelines for images)

    See description
  • Add an optimized featured image (use the keyword as the file name)

  • Link to at least one older existing article to current blog post where relevant

  • Add a conclusion paragraph

  • Add meta description

  • Add focus keyword

  • Use keyword in slug (make sure slug is short)

  • Each paragraph should not be longer than 300 words

  • Try to write between 1,000 to 1,600 words

  • Proofread and edit (make sure it follows style/blog post guide outline)

  • Submit article/blog post for review

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