20 Things Every Piece of Good High-Quality Content Should Include

20 Things Every Piece of Content Should Include 20 Things Every Piece of Content Should Include
  • TITLE - should be engaging, catchy, or clever, and include your focus keyword. 60 characters is great

  • INTRO PARAGRAPH - introduce what the reader will read about or learn. Include your keyword in the first few sentences

  • HIGHLIGHT KEYWORD - bold your keyword in the first few setences

  • INCLUDE MULTIPLE H2 & H3 TAGS - with captive headings. Each heading should be followed by a few paragraphs of text

  • PARAGRAPH - each paragraph should not be longer than 300 words

  • USE TARGET KEYWORD - naturally use variations and synonyms throughout the body of text

  • INCLUDE BULLET POINTS - do this at least twice throughout your content

  • INCLUDE A CTA - call to action. What can you readers take away from reading your content

  • FEATURED IMAGE - make sure your featured images is labeled correctly with your target keyword and include an alt tag

  • INCLUDE ADDITIONAL IMAGES - must be labeled correctly and naturally placed every few paragraphs

  • INCLUDE A QUOTE - make sure you also link to the quote

  • CREATE A INFOGRAPHIC - help the reader further understand your topic or learn more information

  • INCLUDE A META DESCRIPTION - 50–160 characters is recommended

  • INCLUDE A SLUG - slugs should be short

  • LINK YOUR CONTENT - old to new and vice versa

  • LINK TO A SOURCE - should be authoritative and relevant content

  • YOUR VOICE/AND BRAND - write for people and for Google

  • GOOGLE FEATURED SNIPPETS - learn how to write and optimize your content for Google Featured Snippets

  • PROOFREAD - come back a few hours later and re-read. Have someone else also read you content

  • RESEARCH - have you included everything? Check out high-ranking competitors to see what you are missing

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