How to Create an SEO Strategy for Your Business

  • Ask yourself these 3 questions: What\'s my offer? What problem does it solve for my customers? What keywords are people using to search for this solution?

  • Do your keyword research. Don’t lose sleep over search volume. Instead, focus on consistently creating content that answers a question or solves a problem.

  • After settling on your core keywords, look for long form variations using The Hoth Keyword Planner.

  • Now, do a live search. Clear you cache before doing so, just to get the most authentic results.

  • Get to know what\'s presented in the SERPS. Does your offer, content, and business align with what\'s showing up? If it\'s close, make small tweaks to your offer itself. If it\'s far off, you\'re targeting the wrong keywords.

  • When you’re typing in your keywords, the search bar will expand. Below your keyword, you will see a list of other similar keywords. I highly recommend including these suggestions into your content strategy.

  • In addition to search suggestions, you will see a section near the top of the page called People Also Ask. These will also help you narrow in on great ideas for new blog content.

  • Finally, on the bottom of the page, you may see a section called Searches related to *your keyword here*. Keep a close eye on all 3 of these sections. Google knows the user and their search intent better than anyone else.

  • Put all your research into action by creating a content strategy. Ask yourself, "What can I realistically commit to every week?" Consistency is key.

This checklist was created by kristenstack

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