Self-Care Saturday

40 ideas for self care 40 ideas for self care
  • Sleep in! Getting a good night\'s sleep is good for the soul

  • Take a work out class

  • Enjoy a coffee at a coffee shop

  • Go out for breakfast for brunch

  • Listen to your favorite music or play some relaxing sounds

  • Take a relaxing bubble bath

  • Do a face and/or a hair mask

  • Get a manicure or pedicure

  • Go for a massage

  • Go for a bike ride

  • Read a book

  • Take an afternoon nap

  • Go for a long walk or go for a hike

  • Take a scenic drive

  • Watch your favorite movie or catch up on a show you have been wanting to watch

  • Try a new recipe

  • Plan a staycation, and book a night at a nice hotel

  • Relax in the sunshine

  • Plan a fun lunch with a friend

  • Spend time decluttering or organization your home

  • Plan a game night with friends

  • Do some yoga

  • Do a fun activity that you have never done before

  • Spend an afternoon at a museum

  • Take a break from social media

  • Organize your home office

  • Get a blow out or get your makeup done for fun

  • Do something creative, like take photos, paint, or draw

  • Plan a dinner party

  • Bake something fun

  • Buy fresh flowers at the farmer\'s market

  • Play with your dog at the park

  • Get a facial or start a new skin care routine

  • Buy yourself a little gift

  • Work on a new project

  • Dance to your favorite songs

  • Spend time with your loved-ones

  • Plan a trip somewhere

  • Make a list of your dreams and goals

  • Make a checklist for the following week

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