pre-training pre-training
  • General

  • Confirm location – classroom and field/court

  • Confirm 7.5 hour training slot

  • Schedule and hold pre-training meeting with local Soccer for Success certified Trainers (this meeting confirms roles and expectations for the training) 

  • Confirm expected number of coach-mentors

  • Order breakfast, lunch, snacks, water, etc. (as needed)

  • Inform coach-mentors that attire is athletic wear

  • Classroom

  • Secure computer with PowerPoint (PPT) installed, speakers, projector, & screen

  • Download Local Training PPT (and make sure all media works)

  • Secure flip chart & markers or dry erase board

  • Supplies for coach-mentors to take notes

  • Ensure there is a Soccer for Success Curriculum for each coach-mentor (mobile is preferred)

  • Create and print Training Agendas for each coach-mentor (on Trainerhub)

  • Add your program specific mobile curriculum log-in information to agenda

  • Print a Practice Planning Sheet for each coach-mentor (on Trainerhub)

  • Print Teach-Back assignments (on Trainerhub)

  • Print Soccer for Success Teach-Back Evaluations (for every 2 coach-mentors) 

  • Print a Veteran Coach-Mentor Pre-Training Survey for each veteran coach-mentor (on Trainerhub)

  • Field

  • 50 disc cones

  • 8 tall cones

  • Soccer balls (1 for each coach-mentor)

  • Pop-Up goals (4+)

  • Pinnies (at least 2 colors)

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