Post-Holidays Checklist

  • Send Thank You Cards

    Thank You cards are a great way to let everyone you celebrated with know how much you appreciate them. Whether it\'s for a gift or for hosting a fabulous party, Thank You cards can give a little extra holiday spirit even after the season ends. 

  • Gift Returns

    Most stores have a narrow return window. Make sure to return unwanted gifts before they get pushed to the back of your closet and forgotten.

  • Check Out Clearance Sales

    Stores in-person and online often have crazy discounts after the holidays on both holiday themed decor and their normal stock. 

  • Clean Out Your Closet

    Why not start the new year with new wardrobe? Plus, all those socks you got from distant family members will need a place to go. 

  • Get Started on Your New Year\'s Resolution

    The sooner you start on your resolution, the easier it will be to get into the habit of it! If fitness is your goal this year, gym memberships tend to offer discounts and special deals around the holidays. 

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