Virtual Assistant Niches In High Demand

virtual assistant VA Business
  • Project Management

  • Project management VAS are in charge of communicating between team members and making sure the project is completed on schedule.

  • Financial & Accounting

  • Virtual bookkeepers may be charge of maintaining the client\'s books, paying bills, sending invoices, and preparing tax documents.

  • Event Planning

  • Virtual event planners help their client plan personal events like parties, weddings, and even funerals, as well as professional events like conferences, trainings, and grand openings.


  • Research VAS gather information in one of the following ways, scour the library and internet, create and administer polls, or simply use the power of observation.

  • Content Marketing

  • As a content marketing virtual assistant, you will research, outline, and write content for a client\'s website, email, and social media campaigns.


  • As a virtual assistant specializing in social media, you will be in charge of creating, scheduling, and posting to social media. You can even have a sub-niche (community manager or instagram VA).

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