Easy 5-Minute Meditation Checklist

  • Find a clear and comfortable place to lay down or sit -- preferably clutter-free so you can remain focused on meditation.

  • You can search guided meditations on YouTube - do that now - search for ones that are 5-7 minutes long.

  • You can either sit or lay down, but whatever you decide to do, FEEL the ground. You want to be as grounded as possible.

  • If you are sitting, push your tailbone into the ground (comfortably). If you are laying down, spread your legs and arms against your side in a relaxed position.

  • Close your eyes and think about certain colors surrounding you, accept thoughts as they pass through your mind but don\'t focus on them.

  • Breathe accordingly -- inhale (5 count) exhale (5 count) inhale (5 count).

  • As you\'re breathing, extend your abdomen so your breathe fills up your entire body. Short breaths can cause higher heart rate and anxiety.

  • Once you\'re fully relaxed, play your 5-minute guided meditation.

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