How Real Estate is Like Dating

  • When you're house hunting, you become aware of all the people who are happy in their homes

  • Looking through listings online is the equivalent of speed dating

  • An open house is the person that will date just about anyone that comes into their life

  • Your agent is your best friend, saying things like "I think you and this house would be happy together" or "This house has a lot of issues"

  • You wonder why someone else hasn't snatched up a house that's been on the market for awhile

  • Putting a beautiful house on the market is like people breaking-up: You have to move fast before someone else buys it

  • You have to wonder if a house that was under contract but came back on the market has a huge flaw

  • An offer to purchase is like asking someone to date exclusively

  • You introduce that person to your other friends: The inspector and attorney who determine if you should move on to the next step

  • The mortgage contingency period is like being engaged - if you back out now, it could cost you a lot of money and some people will hate you

  • And the closing is your wedding day: When you sign the documents agreeing to love and live with each other

  • No house is perfect, but the question is: Are you perfect for each other?

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