Buying A House Checklist: What To Look For & Consider

buying a house buying a house
  • 1. Consider where you really want to live

  • 2. Is the house close to important facilities?

  • 3. Does the house have the right number of rooms to suit your needs?

  • 4. Are the building and roof structurally sound?

  • 5. What are neighbourhood noise levels like?

  • 6. Does the house have good natural light?

  • 7. Does the house have adequate power?

  • 8. Is there any sign of termite activity?

  • 9. Are there any planned developments nearby?

  • 10. Is the garden suitable?

  • 11. Does the property provide sufficient parking space?

  • 12. Is the property at risk of flooding?

  • 13. What will some of the ongoing costs be?

  • 14. Where are the official property boundaries?

  • 15. Will you need to do any renovations?

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