10 Tips to Overcome Life's Ups and Downs

  • Relax. Relaxation is a technique to regularly cope with stress and prevent depression.

  • Get Moving. Walk, run, hike, get out in the fresh air. Shake it up and change your surroundings.

  • Socialize. Join other people who share a passion that you have. 

  • Commune with Nature. Nature is healing even if it is sitting in a chair and looking at the trees.

  • Laugh Regularly. Laughter will always turn a bad attitude or outlook into a good one.

  • Eat Well. Yes, eat balanced meals. Decrease alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Put down the Cheetos!

  • Sleep. Set a schedule to go to bed at a regular time each night and stick to it.

  • Become a "Glass Half-Full" Person. Practice giving energy to positive thoughts instead of negative ones.

  • Find Meaning. Help someone else. Volunteer. Focus your energy on helping others.

  • Powerful Tip: Keep in mind that nothing is forever! This too shall pass. Time heals all things.

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